• Dianne Lynch

27 days: Plenty of time to write a script for the 2020 Athena Film Fest Virtual Writers Lab

And if you happen to be an alum of the Stephens MFA program,there are two slots with your name written all over them!

The Athena Writers Lab is a writing workshop designed to support and nurture talented women writers (who write about women) in a world and an industry badly in need of both. Participants get to hang out with other amazing women writers, work with experienced mentors, and participate in a (mock) television writers room.

Of COURSE this exceptional opportunity for women comes from two exceptional women: Stephens MFA program director Dr. Rosanne Welch, and Athena Film Festival Director Melissa Silverstein. (Getting to know those two is reason enough to enter.)

So put down that clicker and pick up that laptop and get busy! It's a much better COVID-19 stay-home option than binge watching Ozark. I promise.


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