• Dianne Lynch

Silver Lining #2: A time to remember and reconnect...

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So here's one of my mantras: With challenge comes opportunity. And that means these times of unprecedented disruption and anxiety are also times of unexpected quiet, solitude and reflection -- times in which we have and take the time to remember the people, places and communities that have meant most to us over time.

For many of you, those very special places and communities include Stephens College. And thanks to the leadership of Gina Sholtis, our VP of Advancement, and her remarkable team, we're creating opportunities for you to not only remember, but to reconnect.

Over the next two weeks, Stephens is hosting all-alumnae and city-by-city virtual meetups to allow our alumnae to talk, to share, and to help support each other. The meetings began on Thursday and will continue through Thursday, April 9. You can find all the details here.


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