• Dianne Lynch

Anybody have a recipe for tofu, fennel and yogurt? (Yum?)

A couple of the guys in Security are looking for one. That's because we closed down the kitchens last week, which means we have literally bags (and bags and bags) full of fresh groceries -- from yogurt and cheese, to potatoes and carrots (and fennel and tofu) -- to give away. And who deserves a little food boost better than the amazing employees who continue to show up every day on campus to protect, clean and serve us (and our horses?)

Today and tomorrow, we're delivering bags full of free groceries to each of these dedicated employees as they leave their shifts -- just a small token of our appreciation for all they are doing for Stephens.

And it's true: We did put a little bit of everything in every bag....thus accounting for the tofu and fennel recipe question. Got one? Send it to We'll test it and let you know.


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