• Dianne Lynch

Doin' Disney: Stephens Spirit Day #2 (Come on, everybody, let's see what you got!)

Come on, Accounting! Where are you, Athletics? Financial Aid folks? And Registrar! You two dress up on 'normal' days; now's your chance to shine! Looking forward to seeing what you all can (not too late for a Disney moment!); tomorrow (Sport Team/Player Attire); Thursday (Quarantine Attire), and Friday (last and best: Stephens Attire!).

Please join me in a big shout out to our amazing Staff Advisory Council for being our spirit, and every day.

From top left, Cruella, Jessie, Penny Proud #1, Dalmation #1, Penny Proud #2, Dalmation #2, Lilo and Stitch(es), Belle (pre-Beast), and Aladdin and his crew.

Stephens Spirit never looked so....silly. And fun. And all in.

And it was just as strong and on display at the Admissions team meeting this morning (you'll note that Belle and one of our dalmations attended both meetings!:


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