• Dianne Lynch

Don't you remember the BeeGees?

It was a film fest to remember.

The work of 19 finalists competing for top awards in the first (annual) Holed Up 48 Hour Film Competition was proof positive that:

a) It's possible to make a film without leaving the house...especially if your family has a sense of humor and can act;

b) It's impossible to underestimate the number of ways a creative brain can wrap a story around the BeeGees and a butter knife;

c) There are silver linings in this whole COVID-19 crisis, and one of them is that we will never again think about the BeeGees in quite the same way; and

d) We all owe Chase Thompson a huge debt of gratitude for his imagination, organizational skills, and creative exuberance. And for making a Friday night at home more fun than it's been in ... well, awhile.


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