• Dianne Lynch


Eleanor (standing) and Roosevelt (grinning), all dressed up in their cozy jammies...

Eleanor and Roosevelt (you can call them Ella and Rosie....) arrived at the Prez Res on September 25, and have since made Stephens their home sweet home -- and I do mean Stephens. Like all of it. Like the lawns and the bridges and the elevator in LRW and the academic quad (no going in the classrooms!), and yes, they even have play dates with their BFFs (best furry friends).

Their puppy nannies, Caylea and Parker (and Izzie before that) have introduced them to so many of you during their daily treks across campus, and in case you can't tell from all that tail wagging and leaping around, they truly love you all. (And Rosie wants me to tell you that she especially loves her special friends who scratch her know who you are....)


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