• Dianne Lynch

Friday Noon with Buster (and Dr. Moffitt!)

Buster and Dr. Julia Moffitt, our Dean of Health Sciences, spend a lot of time on the trails around Columbia, running and running and running: Dr. Moffitt is an ultramarathoner and Buster is her training buddy!. But Friday at noon, they're going to slow down to a happy stroll -- and they're inviting everybody to join them.

If you're getting a little stir-crazy (or OK, a LOT stir-crazy), or you live in an urban area where green grass and open fields are scarce, or you remember with great fondness your time on the trails here in CoMo...please take a break from the stresses of stay-at-home and join them.

It turns out that there are some people with too little to do who are crashing Zoom meetings after the sign-on info has been posted publicly. So we'll avoid that kind of annoyance: Please just email and we'll send the instructions so you can Zoom in and enjoy the conversation, the camaraderie and the exercise (that part, vicariously....).

Or better yet, let's start a Stephens Strolls on Fridays at noon, and we'll join Julia and Buster while we take a walk of our own....


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