• Dianne Lynch

From Vogue to our Senior Toast: Brandon Maxwell is a Stephens kind of guy

And that's high praise. This is a 35-year-old design genius recognized around the world for the clarity of his creative vision and the originality of his showmanship (as reported in Vogue):

But it turns out that he's also one of the most authentic, humble and genuine human beings on the planet. He was on campus this spring as the Jeannene Booher Fashion Design speaker -- and he asked to have a pizza party with students to talk about their work (really? ever heard of a celebrity guest speaker asking to do that? Me, either.) And he gave them (and me) his cell phone number.

So I used it. (That's what presidents do.) I texted him on Thursday night and asked whether there was ANY WAY he could join us on Saturday morning for 5 minutes to inspire our students after what had been a truly disappointing way to end their college careers.

And he said yes. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Because for him, it clearly was.

And he was exactly the graduation speaker we all needed to hear:

Thank you, Brandon. I am certain that our grads are going to go out there and plant their gardens....because this is the moment when new, original and fresh ideas are going to change the world...and our Stephens grads are ready to take it on.


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