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GO TEAM! Spirit Day #3: What team or athlete are YOU going to rep?

So we had it covered at our leadership meeting this morning, in honor of SAC Spirit Day #3.

My teammates stepped up to rep the Keystone Assault (Shaashawn is Fan #1 of that rockin' women's football team) and Blues hockey (Gina) -- which prompted an extensive discussion about head compression and never wearing those helmets again. Top national teams included Wyoming (Dane), Nebraska (Leslie), Cleveland (Lita) and Denver (Shannon)...and how could we talk sports in CoMo without the Kewpies (Laura) and the Bruins (Rebecca)?

And then there was me...whose only team is the Stars -- but that wasn't a choice since Friday is Stephens apparel day and well...I'm saving it for then. So I decided to go with Mia Hamm. And I thought I would tell you that specifically because: a) I don't look like her. b) At all. c) Why else in the world would I be wearing a ponytail? and d) you can't even see the #9 that I taped to my shirt.

Just a happy reminder on this gloomy-gray Wednesday that SPIRIT is in the heart (and the helmet, t-shirt, and soccer-ball Zoom background)...and we've got plenty of all of that here at Stephens.


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