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Greetings from Ollie (and Sara, our amazing Trustee and Ollie's very special Maw...)

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

(Written for me by my owner, Sara you know, dogs can't type....)

Good day, everyone!

My name is Oliver Crosby, “Ollie” to all my family and friends. President Lynch had asked my maw to write a few words on the blog. Since Stephens is the #1 ranked pet friendly campus it made sense to me that I should write instead of her. After all, I think all of us dogs (yes and cats, too) deserve a voice in this difficult time of social distancing as we endure the many walks, soul searching conversations and non-stop cuddling with our humans. I actually am keeping a close eye on Maw, and rarely let her out of my sight, but she seems to be doing extremely well. She is after all, a STEPHENS WOMAN and always always dreaming up.

What is it like, you might ask, to live with a Stephens woman? Well I don’t know any different as I came to be hers at 16 weeks old, but she tells me that the foundation of who she is was built a long time ago at Stephens College. The first time she set foot on campus was when my G’ma and G’pa pulled up in front of Tower Hall in the fall of 1973. This is where it all began. She also told me that she lived in LRW on the 2nd floor and Aunt Janie (Jane Marcus, ’78) lived on the 3rd floor. Yes, she met her BFF at Stephens! (My BFF is a neighbor cat named Jerry, but I digress.)

Maw leaves me to visit campus for “board meetings” and says that she will be too busy to have me come with her. I think she is just making an excuse as there are lots of other dogs on campus. Maybe I can talk her into letting me come with her when everyone is back on campus -- which I hope will be soon. I have gotten to go up to Okoboji Summer Theatre and it is a really cool place! In fact, there was talk of me playing “Sandy” one summer in Annie, even though I am not “sandy,” but Maw said no way was she going to be a backstage maw, whatever that is.

So there is so much more I want to say, but Maw always says, “less is more,” “keep them wanting more,” “leave the party when you are still having fun.” Hmmm.... I wonder why we don’t leave those forced marches while I am still having fun?

I hope all you Stephens students, parents, staff, faculty, facilities and security folks and of course dogs, cats, and other pets are keeping your heads and hopes up as we move through this together. We are STRONG and PROUD STEPHENS COLLEGE and as Maw would say, keep walking forward and dreaming up!!!


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