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Holed Up? Got 48 hours this weekend? (OK, so who doesn't?) Make a movie!

Leave it to Professor Chase Thompson and the film faculty to come up with the best idea ever for reminding us all how much we love the movies: Watching them, making them, competing for big prizes over get the idea. And you don't have to be a pro (or a film student!) to enter: There are three categories -- one for high school students (win a scholarship!); one for our film students (so the rest of us don't have to compete against them); and one for...well, the rest of us.

You can find your camera on your phone.

And your sets in your house.

And the rules are all right here:

You've got 48 hours.

On your mark, get,wait. (So you didn't read the rules, did you?)

It doesn't start until Friday night. And you don't know what genre...or the prop you have to include (a purple hat? a Stephens t-shirt? a Bible? who knows?....)...or the line your actor needs to deliver....

So in the meantime, book your talent, figure out your lighting and sound, watch your favorite movies for inspiration, and be ready for the first (annual) Holed Up 48-hour film competition -- FB-d live to you by Stephens College.


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