• Dianne Lynch

Home Again! Stephens plans to welcome you back to campus in August... safely

I know you remember the beauty and tradition of our historic campus...

...and the only thing wrong with these pictures is that you're not in them!

We're hoping that's going to change in August, that we're going to be able to reopen campus and welcome you all home -- to your residence halls, to your classrooms, to your friends and faculty and the memories-making that college life is all about.

We're working hard to prepare for that exciting day -- including making the plans we'll need to keep you all safe. We'll be following the CDC's guidelines about social distancing, wearing masks in public places, lots of sanitizing and handwashing and not touching your faces...but those are small prices to pay for the chance to be together again, on campus, living the life a college student has every right to expect.

We'll be in touch in the coming weeks to keep you informed about our progress and plans. (You got an email from me on Friday!). 

And I will tell Ella and Rosie that we're planning your return. Ella's an introvert; she's weathered quarantine well. Rosie, on the other hand, cannot understand where you have all gone....and WHEN OH WHEN OH WHEN are you coming back?!?!?

Soon, I tell her. Very soon.


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