• Dianne Lynch


COVID-19 isn't stopping Stephens College. In fact, it's not even slowing us evidenced by the schedule of special events this week, capping off with four (count 'em: FOUR) exciting activities this afternoon (check your email for the Zoom codes!)

1. Classes are cancelled at 3 p.m. this afternoon so everybody can watch the Honors Convocation video together....

2. ...followed by Zoom meetings of our schools/majors/degree programs to celebrate the achievements of our students and faculty.

3. At 4:30, our community will gather for a Virtual Toast, guided by our very own mixologist, Dr. Mary Amanda Haskins, who will be teaching us to make Lemon Susies...mocktails or the real thing, depending upon your preference!

4. And at 6:30, it's time to share your amazing moves at FreeStyle Friday, a dance party sponsored by Student Development (they'll send out the Zoom code just before the event).

We're celebrating Stephens, every day in every way. Please join us.


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