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It's SAC Spirit Week! It's Disney Day! (How did I NOT dress up as my favorite Netflix character???)

Shannon gets Monday's Spirit Prize among the leadership team for showing up at our daily meeting as her favorite Netflix character (guess who??):

It's the Staff Advisory Council's SPIRIT WEEK. And just because the Senior Staff missed Monday doesn't mean we're not spirited for Stephens. In fact, we're making up for Monday by hitting it every day this week -- and today, we're all dressing up like Disney characters....(photo to come....I promise).

You do need to know that I am not exactly a dress-up kind of gal. I think I was behind the door when the creative-costume-dress-up genes were being distributed. So I spent two hours on the phone with Annie, my daughter, last night, taking (some very bad) suggestions:

No, I'm not going to be Cruella De Vil, that will turn instantly into a meme.

No, I'm not going to be the Chef in Ratatouille, with one of the puppies as Remy the Rat (I look ridiculous in a paper chef's does one even MAKE a paper chef's hat?!?. .).

Princess Leia, just because Disney bought Star Wars? Wear white and make those easy-peasy cinnamon-buns on the sides of my head? PUH-lease.

And OK, I could wear black and yellow, and be Barry the Bee....but who the heck is Barry the Bee????

Never mind. I have settled on a character, I have a prop and a sign, and it will do -- because it's not about me. It's about Spiriting Up for Stephens! So stay tuned for updates and photos....and send me the photos of your own Disney dress-up day. Let's show the world (and our colleagues on SAC) that we have more spirit than....well, than Gusteau.

PS. Shannon is in Grace & Frankie. But you knew that....


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