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Lots of social, not much distancing at Lake of the Ozarks (and in CoMo)...and I get it, sort of

Lake of the Ozarks, tweet by Scott Pasmore

I know, I know: It feels sooooooooo great to be out in the sun on Memorial Day weekend, welcoming summer as it deserves to be welcomed.

And I also get it that in so many of our communities, the economic impact has been so much greater than the community health impact....lucky us.

But I just finished the Coursera course on how to be a contact tracer -- not because I'm looking for a new job, but because I want to know as much as I can about as much as I can as we plan to reopen campus in August.

Turns out, managing COVID-19 isn't magic or impossible. It's actually pretty obvious, if you just do what needs to be done: Like staying six feet apart, like washing your hands, like keeping your hands off your face, like wearing a mask when you're out in public in case you're an asymptomatic carrier, like tracking down people who might have been exposed so they can quarantine before they give it to anybody else.

It doesn't mean we have to stay home, or not shop, or let our community businesses close down. It just means we have to care more about each other's well being than we care about our need to join 1,000 of our best friends in a public pool (which ewwwwww, by the way, but that's another blog post....)

And that's a small price to pay today so we can all go back to normal tomorrow (or in a month). And just to be clear: I want normal as much as you do..... like no-more-wearing-that weird-mask-when-I-go-to-Schnucks normal. Like not- standing-across-the-room-when-I'm-talking-to-somebody normal. Like walking-into-a-packed-(and dark)-Murry's-on-Saturday-night normal.

Like back-to-campus normal.

And we're not going to get there if all of us don't decide to do what it takes. Not forever. But for long enough.

And the numbers are creeping up every day here in Columbia. There have been 327 new cases reported in Missouri since yesterday.

We're not there yet.


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