• Dianne Lynch

Matchmaker, matchmaker...find me a job!

Meet Shaashawn Dial and Shannon Walls, the College's most effective and determined matchmakers.

It took them nearly three full days last week to reach out to more than 70 students, to make appointments to talk to each of them individually, and to listen and understand what they're interested in and how they think about their talents and skills.

Then it took another two days to make the matches, to find the right fit, to invite (and cajole) their colleagues into taking on yet another responsibility -- from a distance -- to help ensure our students could continue to be employed on campus.

Shaashawn is our Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Shannon is our Title IX Coordinator and a Special Assistant to the President. But last week, they were doing what everybody at Stephens has been doing for weeks: Whatever needs to be done.

And what needed to be done is to find a way for more than 70 of our students who depend upon their College employment to be able to continue to earn that paycheck -- from home.

A few examples of the kinds of work students will be doing:

  • Peer tutoring in the Student Success Center;

  • Development of policies and procedures for KWWC, our online radio station;

  • Research assistance in the health sciences;

  • Research assistance in the Humanities;

  • Development of "electronic versions of valid and reliable psychometric instruments";

  • Planning of major campus events online -- including Honors Convocation, the Harbinger launch party, and the Employee Appreciation event;

  • Social media research and message development;

  • Research into leadership around diversity, equity and inclusion across professions and disciplines

  • Planning and execution of student research virtual presentations

  • Research into students' experiential learning, by class

Just to name a few....

And while they're earning their weekly paychecks, our students will be developing new skills, building their resumes, and staying connected to Stephens in real, direct and personal ways.

And that may turn out to be the most important outcome of all.


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