• Dianne Lynch

Next steps in a COVID-19 era: A job? Grad school? Volunteering? You got this (and we can help).

Everybody's talking about what's next: WHEN COVID-19 subsides, WHEN social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions abate, WHEN things return to whatever the new normal is going to be....what then?

For those who've been out in the professional world for awhile -- even decades -- the challenges seem daunting. But for our graduating seniors and new alumnae...well, it has to seem downright overwhelming.

And at Stephens, we're doing everything we can to help.

Two members of our leadership team, Shaashawn Dial and Shannon Walls, are reaching out and scheduling phone calls with every graduating senior, finding out their plans and dreams, and how our community (that's all of us, together) can help and support them.

Beginning today, a collaboration between Academic Affairs, The Office of Admissions, and The Center for Career and Professional Development will present a series of special events focused on everything from Searching for a Job, to considering graduate school, to honing your interview skills. Now's the time to get ready for your next steps...whatever they might be!


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