• Dianne Lynch

Question: What do great faculty do when they have 48 hours to plan for student learning from afar?

Answer: They anticipate, get creative, and respond.

When Performing Arts Professor Mike Burke had to hurry in March to send his Props class home to safety, he was thinking ahead about what they were going to need to finish the semester.  And that turned out to be a bag full of ‘goodies’ – which had nothing to do with chocolate and gummy bears.  It was instead a collection of Styrofoam, a carving tool and sandpaper: the makings of art.  Prop-style.

And make art they did. 

The assignment? “Carve and create a Tiki Glass with ‘bamboo’ on the back.” 

The results?  They speak for themselves.

And so does the work of our amazing faculty, who: 1) anticipated the needs of our students even as they rushed to get them off campus; 2) provided them the tools and guidance to keep on learning; and 3) celebrated the creations of their students by sending them to me for the blog.

Doesn’t get better than that.


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