• Dianne Lynch

SAC Spirit Day #4: COVID-19 cozies....and Rosie masking up (Is it food? Can I eat it?)

The senior leadership team is all in on Spirit Week (THANKS, STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL!). We're getting sorta used to starting the day with silliness...and you know, it turns out it's not a bad beginning for another stay-at-home day. (And yes, that's Roosevelt behind the blue mask: She's one of my cozies. And it took her 15 seconds to realize it wasn't food....she processes slowly.)

Tomorrow is Spirit Day #5: STEPHENS ATTIRE! It's also the final day of classes for the spring semester - a semester that will be remembered forever for its challenges, its community resilience and purpose, and its silver linings.

Let's celebrate together by showing the world our Stephens spirit. We have so much to be proud of.


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