• Dianne Lynch

Silver Lining #5: Funny elephant videos: Lesson learned

So this is a blog about connecting the Stephens community. And somehow, I'm pretty sure that there is NOBODY in our Stephens community who hasn't had a moment, an hour, a day when they are just DONE with this whole stay-at-home, am-I-living-in-some-kind-of-weird-pandemic-movie (and if so, where is Keanu Reaves?!?). I had that moment this afternoon (and not really about the Keanu Reaves part...), and my dear husband heard my voice on the phone and said, "Do you want me to send you a funny elephant video?"

Hard to even respond to that question, right? I mean, perhaps not the uplifting response I had hoped for...but OK, I'll bite, why not?

So I said, "Sure. Why don't you send me a funny elephant video?"

And he did. And I watched it, because I knew he would ask me if I had. And you know what? It made me laugh out loud at least six times (stick with it, it gets soooo funny...).

So here is Silver Lining #5: Those of us who are NOT funny-elephant-video types may just be discovering that there's something very valuable about funny elephants.

It's not a small lesson to learn.


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