• Dianne Lynch

Silver Lining #6: Cheers, Congrats and So Glad You're Stephens!

So it wasn't exactly the celebration they'd been imagining during all of those months and years of assignments, stress and deadlines: There we were, a group of faculty, staff and administrators, lined up in little windows on their computer screens, congratulating them and raising a glass in recognition of their achievements.

But it was heartfelt and inspiring, nonetheless.

These are our graduate students, the ambitious and resilient adult learners who have just completed their degrees in Health Information Administration, Counseling, and Television and Screenwriting. I don't often get to see them until their Graduation day -- and given their locations all over the country, sometimes not even then: Many don't travel to Missouri to pick up their diplomas.

But last night, Zoom let them join us, and I got to applaud and congratulate them -- Stephens alumni who have juggled jobs, family, mortgages and, yes, all of the implications and stresses of a global pandemic, to cross that finish line and complete their degrees.

I hope to see them all later this summer when we hold our in-person Commencement ceremonies on campus. But I am grateful to have had the chance to congratulate them from afar, knowing that they are forever part of our Stephens family -- from wherever they are.


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