• Dianne Lynch

Smile! OK, now do it on Amazon, please....

Let me guess: You're opting out of that winding queue in front of your local supermarket (tempting...but no) and you're doing all your shopping on Amazon -- from Clorox Wipes (sold out) to toilet paper (sold out) to a felt koala head planter (seriously? like who can live without one?):

What could be better?

So glad you asked.

What would be better is if you just took a minute to set up your AmazonSmile account to support your favorite women's college. Directions are right here.

When it asks for your favorite nonprofit, you just type in Stephens College, hit the return button, and you're done! Nothing left but the shopping -- and the smiling, knowing that every time you buy whatever you were going to buy anyway, you're sending a donation to Stephens.

Easy, peasy. And if we all did it, for every purchase we make on Amazon, well...what a wonderful world it would be.


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