• Dianne Lynch

So much to celebrate.....

I admit it: I know I'm doing the right thing, and I know it's working here in Columbia, and I am so glad that the numbers are so encouraging here BUT....

I've been feeling just a little bit cranky as we close out another week of this staying at home thing. I mean, how many hundreds of times am I going to think to myself in the middle of a Zoom meeting: I can see you, you know. I can see what you're doing. Hello?

So I decided I needed to chipper up. It's Friday afternoon, for heaven's sake, and if I can't be meeting friends on the Roof or sitting out on somebody else's back deck in the sunshine, what should I be feeling good about today?

WELL, let me tell you, April 10 is nothing but celebration day (who knew?)

Yes, I realize that it is Good Friday, in the Christian faith, a day of mourning and remembrance of Jesus Christ's death on the cross at Golgotha before his triumphant rising on Easter morning. And we are in the middle of the celebration of Passover, the Jewish spring festival that commemorates the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery, this year celebrated from April 8 to April 16.

But what I DIDN'T know is that today (and every day at my house but ESPECIALLY today) is NATIONAL HUG YOUR DOG DAY. Woohoo! There's actually a whole day that's all about one of my very favorite activities. And it has been a new and very happy tradition in the Lynch/Eleanor Roosevelt household because we're just hugs all around: I hug them, and they hug me, and they hug each other. Not to mention that it's being celebrated with cheese hotdogs and sleeping on the bed.

And finally, last but certainly not least, it's the day when we're supposed to call up our sisters and brothers -- natural, adopted, extended, created, you name it -- and tell them that we're so happy that we share...whatever: parents, partners, households, childhoods, memories. It's National Siblings Day. And I thought I'd introduce you to two of my favorite sibs: My sons. Best friends then, best friends now....30 years later!

And April 10 also happens to be Nick's birthday....he's the little guy looking at his big brother like he's the best big guy in the world. Happy birthday, Nick.


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