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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

WEEK ONE As we all settle into an entirely new way of being Stephens -- which includes a whole lot of Zoom and Instagram -- I've decided to go back to a habit I abandoned almost a decade ago...and no, sadly, it's not mountain climbing or learning Mandarin. It's this: A Stephens blog. A place where I can talk directly to all of you about all of us, about what's going on here on campus and about how our community is faring in these unprecedented times.

I'll check in at least once every day (and probably a lot more than that) when there are happy "silver linings" to share (and there are many, see below) and when we experience our inevitable challenges and hardships.

You'll still get emails and announcements from the College. You'll still see Facebook posts and short videos and Insta stories from other offices and in other voices. But this one is ours, yours and mine, so we can keep in touch through all that is to come.

Speaking of silver linings....

So one of the amazing members of our Stephens community left us a little gift as she departed campus last week. It's sitting right where she left it, and I see it as I come into LRW every day (yes, I'm working from my office -- if our facilities, security and stables folks can be on campus every day, so, too, can the president). It reminds me of happier times and sunny skies...and I'm grateful. So thanks to you, whoever you are, for reminding me (and now all of us) that these are times when simple kindnesses matter so much.


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