• Dianne Lynch

The numbers, the numbers......and what we will do to help

Not sure about you, but I know that the first thing I do every morning (well, after I pet the puppies and we take a walk around the lawn) is check the numbers: How many cases in Columbia? In Boone County? In Missouri? In the United States? In the world?

And every morning, the numbers are bigger. By a lot. Missouri's confirmed cases of COVID-19 are growing at a rate faster than almost anywhere in the country. And in so many ways, this is just the beginning.

That's why we're getting requests -- lots of them -- about sharing our residence halls to house "the overflow" of those not diagnosed but in quarantine, and first responders and health care providers who are serving our community but worried about going home to their families at the end of the day. The need isn't pressing yet. But it will be.

And of course, the answer is yes. We're Stephens. And we're patriotic and contributing members of our community.

Will keep you posted on this one as it develops. (And yes, for those who are wondering, the agencies using the spaces would be responsible for deep cleaning and sanitizing them after each use. No worries on that score.)


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