• Dianne Lynch

Tradition, Celebration, Achievement and the Ten Ideals: How could we NOT do this?

So stop. Before you read the rest of this: WITHOUT looking, name the Ten Ideals of Stephens College. I'll wait.

OK, so here's the list: Belief, Courage, Creativity, Independence, Intelligence, Leadership, Respect, Responsibility, Sensitivity and Support. How many did you get right?

Next question: Now really NAME the Ten Ideals of Stephens College. As in, the 2020 Ten Ideals, the amazing and dedicated students who have been working so hard all year to honor and recognize those in our community who best reflect and represent our highest principles and values. And who have created some truly stunning artwork in doing it.

Can't name any of them, I trust? Well, that's about to change.

Because it may be the most unusual spring semester in memory, but that doesn't mean our traditions aren't alive and well -- and more important than ever!

And that means we are definitely NOT going to miss the opportunity to gather as a community and celebrate the exceptional achievements of our amazing students, faculty and staff AND to reveal (drum roll, trumpet fanfare, please!) The Ten Ideals.

I mean, really: How could we NOT do that at Stephens College?

We're just going to do it a little differently this year....OK, a lot differently.

We did see this coming, maybe, way back in March. (One of my mantras is Hope for the best, plan for the worst...always...). And that's what we did: The Ten and I and a videographer snuck into Senior Hall one evening (OK, it wasn't actually that sneaky, I had the keys...) and videotaped their reveal, black hoods and all. I tried to serve as your stand-ins, cheering and hollering and hooting. It's a poor substitute, for sure, but the enthusiasm was there -- and I am hoping you're all going to do your own version of it from the comfort of your homes next week. More on that in a minute.

A few weeks later, we set up the camera over in the Davis Gallery and a bunch of faculty and administrators stopped by to 'present' all of the awards traditionally presented at our Convocation. Since then, all of those speeches have been edited into our Honors Convocation program -- just as inspiring and celebratory and exciting and fun as the IRL (in real life) event.... Well, maybe not, but definitely better than not doing it -- which was never even close to a choice.

Here's how it's going to work:

At 3 p.m. on April 17 -- the scheduled time and date! -- the College will post its Honors Convocation 2020 Ceremony and Awards Video at

We're also planning an all-campus Honors Convocation Watch Party at 3 pm. central on April 17 so we can get together virtually to cheer and celebrate; we'll get the details on that to you early next week.

We're still Stephens, still celebrating our valued and valuable traditions. We're just zooming 'em this year.

And now, one more time: Can you name the Ten Ideals? Let's do it together: Belief, Courage, Creativity.....


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