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Watch the winners of the Holed Up 48-hour Film Competition tonight, 7 p.m., FB Live!

Chase Thompson announced the finalists this afternoon -- all 19 of them! -- and he'll be screening them beginning at 7 p.m. CST. Check out the FB Live site where it's all happening, and show up tonight to watch the winners and join the Zoom party. Here's the finalists line-up:

Ally Matt Schacht – Redneck Physics

Herbert Moore – Staying Alive

Chelsea Myers and Josh Wright – Teri

Raegan Girsolano – The Quarantine

Chip Gubera – I Had Buttered My Own Teeth

Pat Holt – Am I Safe?

Laura Votruba – The Dog House

Ben Kothe – The Quar Witch Project

Caroline Million – Balfazaur’s Return

Fiona Bleu – Hee Bee Bee Gees

Breezy Semler – House Haunters

Melissa Burns-Johnson – Butterknives Out

Sarah Rose – Evan

DFM Bragging Rights

Rosey Howell – Mr. Fuzz

Madi Crist – It’s Been A Bad Knife

Morgan McCall – The STRUT

Hope Daugherty – Hope’s Hauntings

Citizen Jane $2,000 Scholarship

Miranda Fish – The Infection

Lyla Dietz – The Butterknife


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