• Dianne Lynch

Where there are movies, there is popcorn. Meet Atom Pop. You can't improve upon perfection.

So I'm getting ready for tonight's screening of the Holed Up 48-Hour Film Competition winners...and that means I'm getting out my Atom Pop.

Atom Pop is popcorn perfection. OK, so it looks like it came out of your grandma's basement (and take a look at the Web site, which also looks like it came out of your grandma's basement).

No matter.

You put the Atom Pop on the stove, you pour in some oil (yes, some), you cover the bottom with some popcorn (yes, some), you turn the burner on high, you stand there until it stops popping, and you're done. Every kernel perfectly popped. No microwave, no chemicals, no weird orangey color, no salt, no unpopped kernels. (And sooooooo few calories, as popcorns go.)

A picture's worth a thousand words (and yes, my Atom Pop is a little worse for wear, but no matter as long as it's not too pooped to pop -- how's that for a tag line?!?):

I can hear the skepticism from here: And yes, it does look like a bad wok. Or an Ikea sale item they wouldn't take back.

And I also understand that popcorn is like coffee. Or cookie recipes. Or daycares. Everybody's is the best.

But mine really is. Really.

See you at the movies!


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