• Dianne Lynch

Words of wisdom from Midnight Breakfast: There's no such thing as too much bacon.

So tonight would have been number six or number eight for our graduating seniors. For me, it would have been my 22nd.

And right about now, we would all be making our way over to Stamper to celebrate one of Stephens' most treasured and tasty traditions: Midnight Breakfast.

That's when a group of staff and administrators line up at 10 p.m. to serve our students as much as they can eat, of the best breakfast food we can give them. Some years there's a chocolate fountain and fresh strawberries. Sometimes we've got waffles and whipped cream. But there are always mountains of scrambled eggs, piles of baking powder biscuits, gallons of sausage gravy and yes...there's bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

And they love it. They eat, they laugh, they relax. And they dance. Sometimes on the tables.

It's a sight to behold, one that for thousands of Stephens alumnae is one of the memories and traditions they hold most dear.

Tonight, Stamper's dark, and I'm writing this from home.

But it's a home that for the first time smells like bacon -- because I may be a vegetarian, but I cooked two pounds of it this afternoon so I could join my colleagues on the leadership team to take a Zoom shot of our 2020 Midnight Breakfast offerings (and yes, that is your president in a Peanuts nightgown...)

Our Student Development office worked with a group of students to put together a playlist of all the songs they should be dancing to. You can find it here:

And I'm hoping Stephens students everywhere are doing the cha cha slide and singing "Who run the world? Girls!" and "shoulda put a ring on it!" at the top of their lungs. Because tonight should have been Midnight Breakfast, a time for celebration and comfort food and lots of laughter and exhaling.

And we are missing them.


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