• Dianne Lynch

WYA (While You're Away) Gallery #1

A few years ago, we asked our graduating seniors to fill in the blank on the sentence "Stephens is....." They said all kinds of clever and heartwarming things but among my favorites: "Stephens is home," and "Stephens is unique." and "Stephens is creative."

As we head into Week Five of being away, I've never been more certain that they're right. Stephens IS home to one of the most uniquely creative communities on the planet.

And what better way to celebrate and support all of that talent and imagination than a WYA Gallery, designed to present students' work for your viewing enjoyment. Here's Gallery #1: More to come in the days and weeks ahead!

HANNAH KUECK: Managing Editor for Stephens Life and writer/editor at Como Magazine, is also an illustrator extraordinaire (and yes, that's her on the left):

ELLIE LAPOSHA and her puppy. Ellie illustrates and plans exceptional special events through her own company, Little Bee Co.:

A cool selfie edit by and of ALEXX LOOPER:

And a self-portrait by CAYLEA RAY (my puppy nanny when she's not making art):

Bird houses and upcycling (on TikTok) by RUTH ANN POWELL:

MEGAN COFFMAN's gorgeous gifs for the Student Success Center:

And last but not least, LESLIE DOUGLAS' favorite projects this semester:


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